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My favorite aviation YouTubers

YouTube has become the place for both video entertainment and information. But as any viewer knows through experience, a lot of content on YouTube is, well, crap. However, there is also some exceptionally well produced, informative and entertaining content as well. In this post I'll highlight a few YouTubers who I think produce great general aviation-related content.

Flight Chops — At the top of my list today is Steve Thorne a.k.a. "Flight Chops". Steve was a professional filmmaker even before the aviation bug really caught him, so his videos are very well produced. Becoming a better pilot through constant self assessment is Steve’s goal, not YouTube stardom. He shares these experiences with us, good choices and bad ones, through YouTube and at www.flightchops.com. Steve is currently working on his IFR rating and recently started to build a Vans RV-14.

Aviation 101 — Josh Flowers’ content is both interesting and informative. Also known as Mr. Aviation, Josh’s channel caught my attention while training in a C-182 as he flies mostly Cessnas. Aviation 101 videos have great production quality. They are currently doing a series on flying in Alaska. www.aviation101.com

Martin Pauly — I came across Martin Pauly when I stumbled on his excellent video about lean of peak engine operation. Martin focuses mostly on flying his Bonanza but he’s done some great informational videos on ADS-B, multi-engine training, instrument flying, and even making better videos.

Other interesting GA YouTubers include:

Of course most aircraft kit manufactures, avionics producers, flight schools, and other vendors have their own YouTube channels as well. Most of it is of very good quality but is naturally focused on their specific offerings. Other good, professionally-produced content is available from:

Chapter members can share their thoughts on this topic in the Forum. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

—Alan Collins, EAA 1373 Webmaster

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