Member Aircraft Albums

Click on the colored text of the aircraft type to view the individual's album.

The albums will be updated as new pictures are received from the owners.

These images represent aircraft or aircraft projects owned or
    previously owned by past and present 1373 chapter members.

Clay's RV6A

Bill's RV9

Ray's Zenith 750

Dwayne's KR2
Jack's Cub, Acro Sport,  Aeronca Champ
(no images)RV7A
Lowell's SperrocoC-179.5RV8Murphy Rebel

Jeff's RV7
, Cub

Ric & Doug's Rans S-12XL Airaile

Herb's LongEZ

Bob B's Murphy Rebel

Paul's Commander 112(no images)

Bob C's Kiss,  Kitfox

Karl's Murphy Rebel,  Zenair CH 801,  Spruce Goose Visit

Don's Smith Miniplane

George's RV6,  Murphy Rebel

Charlie's Kitfox

Mark's C-182C-210Champ

Jamie's Air Creation

Byron's Glastar

Graham's Whitman Tailwind

Scott's C-206(no images)

Steve's RV7A(no images)

Bill's C-337(no images)

Charles' VersiPlane

Bob S's KR2

Doug's RV6A

Bob T's RV7A

Robert's Helicycle